MH-2400 IMAGERS item 04367


Daylight balance lamp with colour temperature of 5200K. Efficiency: 2400W, power consumption: 450W They have a colour temperature of 5200K and their average life is 7000 hours.Each bulb emits over 5 times more light output in comparison of a 150W incandescent lamp. Using a daylight balanced lamps can solve the problem of mixing natural daylight with artificial light source – you don’t need to put a blue colour gel or expensive dichroic filter over your halogen lamp to balance the daylight, and with digital cameras, your white colour will be white, not with a yellowish cast, and you can use these lamps together with electronic flash as their colour is identical.MH-2400 is a super bright lamp. It contains three 150W Metal Halide Lamps in one lamphead. The light output equals to 2400W of incandescent bulb but it only consumes 450W of energy.MH-2400 has a selection switch to turn one, two or three bulbs on so that you can adjust the brightness by switch.It is a portable sun !  You can use it with aluminium reflector 90° (not included).Lamphead comes with detachable handle, power cable and protective cap.Three 150W 5200K Metal Halide Lamps.  Features: Voltage:220-240Vac. Bulb: 3,  150W included Type: E-27, double quartz/glass envelope Ballast: 3 electronic, self-contained Bulb life: 7000 hours Lumen: 37500, total 3 bulbs Color temperature: 5200K, daylight Dimmer: not available Brightness control: switch to 1, 2, 3 bulbs Warm-up time: 5 minutes Off-On wait period: 10 minutes Thermo protector: yes Lamphead cooling: fan-less, noiseless Casing: Aluminium/engineering plastic Protective cap