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Impossible not to know: the chemicals of the Condor Foto over the years have opacified millions of photos, prevented billions of unwanted reflexes, masked hundreds of negatives and blown on billions of dust particles, cleaning the surfaces to be photographed but also inside he cameras, computers and hi-fi systems.

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ECO ANTISPOT 400ml item 00300

ECO Antispot renders opaque immediately any kind of reflecting surface, prevents reflex (hot spots), when taking pictures or video shooting of mirrors, glasses, metals, etc., It does not leave fatty and can be removed with a dry cloth.

ECO PUFF-AIR 400ml item 00402

Will istantly remove dust also from lesser accessible parts. Eco Puff-Air is a must for cleaning lenses, objectives, computers, scanners and any mechanism sensitive to dust. Eco Puff-Air contains no CFC and is ozone friendly.

CONDOR FIX PERMANENT 400ml item 00700

It is used to fix permanently paper, cardboard, photographic and ink-jet paper on different materials. Transparent, long life, no spotting glue.

CONDOR FIX REMOVER 400ml item 00701

Can be used to fix temporary paper, cardboard, photographic and ink-jet papers on different materials. The papers may be easily removed and attached elsewhere. Transparent, long life, no spotting glue.

CONDOR-JET MATT 400ml ART. 00600

It makes ink-jet cards opaque, avoid the colors degeneration, is water repellent,allows any image printed on paper-jet to stand the test of time.. It’s the most advantageous alternative to plastification.

CONDOR-JET GLOSSY 400ml item 00601

Glossy varnish to shield ink-jet papers from UV, apt to preserve them from weather conditions as well as from handling, too. Condor-Jet Glossy is the obvious alternative solution to plastification.

ECO INOXYGEL 400ml item 00500

Preserves chemical (no food)products easily liable to decomposition from oxydation.

ECO MAGNODUST 400ml item 00800

Renders any cloth antistatic, prevents dust from depositing on any surface caused by static electricity: negatives, films, darkroom equipment, copiers, computers etc.

MASKOPRINT item 00900

Red unactinic removable transparent film. To be used for masking begatives and b/w photographic prints. After reproduction the product may be easily removed by applying a little tape to treated surface.

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