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Condor Foto

Condor Foto

CONDOR FOTO turned 55 in 2020, it was in fact founded in August 1965 and still offers today, with enthusiasm and vitality, a range of original products and solutions for professional photography.

From today in a new and more performing role that does not want to be just an e-commerce platform but a real global channel dedicated to photographers where they can buy, read, get informed, take courses, see product demo videos and much more.

Every day we work to ensure that you can always find the best solution for your every need, offering you the right solutions at the right price with passion, courtesy and professionalism. Trust Condor Foto with confidence.

Our values

What sets us apart


For almost 60 years we have been passionately committed to providing the best professional solutions to the world of photography. The ups and downs of this wonderful world have never discouraged us and after more than half a century we are still here at the forefront of you, full of energy and new ideas. Thanks to you!


Our near future wants to be the further confirmation of the goodness of the work done in all these years, attentive to new market trends and sector news but always with an eye to "traditionalists" and newbies to the world of photography. We want those who come to us for any need to feel not a customer but a friend of Condor Foto.


Condor Foto's birth

Condor Foto was born in Milan in Via Sassetti on 2 August 1965 by Mario Capozzi with the production and sale of chemical sprays for photographic use that have entered the history of world photography, some of which are still in production today.


In the foreign market

In July 1968, on Mario's death, his son Alberto took over and launched the company on the foreign market, starting to participate in the Cologne Photokina fair with his own stand.



Thus began exports to all continents. In 1970 Alberto founded Assofoto, the association of Italian photographic industries in order to facilitate the export of his products abroad. Over the years he will participate in fairs in USA, CHINA, RUSSIA, GREAT BRITAIN, FRANCE, SPAIN, ARAB EMIRATES, CANADA, CZECH REPUBLIC. This led to an exponential increase in the demand for chemicals and special effects and therefore an increase in production.


New products

Also in the 70s, some products for the darkroom were added to the chemists, including the famous "CONDOR TIMER E" which is also exhibited at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, then in the 80s the first radio controls for cameras and flashes in the world and the first solar cell photocells.


For photographic studios

In the 1980s, the sale of stands, lights, flashes and professional equipment for photographic studios also began.


A new headquarters

In 1990 Condor Foto moved from the historic headquarters in Via Sassetti to the current one in Via Prinetti 32 in a building of over 600m2 which allows it to start producing and selling cotton and non-woven backdrops; at the same time it became the official importer and distributor for Italy of BD paper backdrops made in USA recognized by moti as the best in the world.


The commercial push

In 2019 Lorenzo, Alberto's son, joins the company who brings a further commercial boost to the company with over 20 years of managerial career as commercial director.


56 years in business

In 2021 Condor Foto celebrates 56 years of activity thanks not only to the work done by all employees but above all by the trust that every single customer has always placed in this historic Italian company.

Our Team

A professional team with decades of experience

Alberto Capozzi
Alberto Capozzi

General Manager

Lorenzo Capozzi
Lorenzo Capozzi

Sales Manager

Emanuela Berruti
Emanuela Berruti

Finance Manager

Salvatore Rino De Palo
Salvatore "Rino" De Palo

Warehouse Specialist

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