DIGIBOX A-P item 04470


CD-R and DVD Storage MagazineThe ideal solution to protect and storage your CD-R and DVD. Great capacity file magazine for CD-R and DVD. Quick and easy sorting due to the new file system, the CD Clip. Each CD Clip allows to put 2 CD-R/DVD. DigiBox includes 6 CD Clips. DigiBox is thought to be placed in any environment. Is stockable, making compact and elegant sets. Safety fixing system. Capacity per formats: 150 CD-R/DVD in envelopes, 50 CD-R/DVD in slim case, 25 CD-R/DVD in jewel case, 50 CD-R/DVD in double jewel case, 90 CD-R /DVD in CD Clips. Aside you can purchase CD Clips (item 04471) in boxes of 20 units. Product size: 294x140x153mm