MH-800 IMAGERS item 04366


Daylight balance lamp with colour temperature of 5200K. Efficiency: 800W, power consumption: 150W They have a colour temperature of 5200K and their average life is 7000 hours.They emit over 5 times more light output in comparison of a 150W incandescent lamp. Using a daylight balanced lamp can solve the problem of mixing natural daylight with artificial light source – you don’t need to put a blue colour gel or expensive dichroic filter over your halogen lamp to balance the daylight, and with digital cameras, your white colour will be white, not with a yellowish cast, and you can use these lamps together with electronic flash as their colour is identical.Is our most popular model as it is small in size, light weight but with heavy-weight features.It contains a 150W, double glass envelope bulb with diffused coatings, metal halide bulb. The bulb shapes like an ordinary light bulb with E-27 screw base hence the light pattern is same as standard photoflood bulbs. The efficiency of MH-800 is extremely high, it's light output equals to a 800W incandescent bulb although it's consumption is only 150W, a big Energy Star. Lamp comes with standard 65 degree reflector, protective mesh, 150W, 5200K metal halide bulb.  Features: Voltage:220-240Vac. Bulb: 150W included Type: E-27, double quartz/glass envelope Ballast: electronic, self-contained Bulb life: 7000 hours Lumen: 12500 Colour temperature: 5200K, daylight Dimmer: not available Brightness control: not available Warm-up time: 5 minutes Off-On wait period: 10 minutes Thermo protector: yes Lamphead cooling: fan-less, noiseless Casing: Aluminium/engineering plastic Protective cap: