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FLASH SATEL ONE 600W item 04134

SATEL ONE is a portable flash designed with built-in battery making it a wire-free, maximum power output reaches 600Ws, and amazingly it could produce 300 flashes with its full power when battery is fully charged. It is designed with touch screen and it has ability to connect with each other when the channel is set to the same. Built-in 2,4G receiver. The packaging contains: 1 flash 600w, 1 handle, 1 trigger, 1 sync cord, 1 charger, 1 LI-ION battery, 1 reflector and one kit bag. Features: GN: 68 LI-ION battery 14,8V – 3000 mAh No of flash (full charged): full power 300 times. Recycling time: 0,1 – 4,0 sec Charging time: 6 hours Flash control: 6 steps Battery charging: plug-in charging Protection: overheating protection. Triggering: built-in 2,4G remote receiver, flash sync, sync cable, manual triggering. LED modelling: LED 5W Colour temperature: 5500°K Dimension: 29x11,5x19cm Weight: 2,2 Kg

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