3W LED ATTACHMENT item 04315


LED 3W light panel is a versatile lightingattachment for portable speedlight units. It is easy to attach onto theflash head, so user can have constantlight, or flash light with a flip panel. Itis also able to bounce the flash lightto get a soft lighting effect. The unitis light weight, simple to use, has fullor half power switch. A special lens isplaced in front of the LEDs, to dispersethe light to minimize uneven illumination,normally associated with thistype of light. Total light output is 150lux/m. It is superb to use with DSLRcamera with movie capability, or whereasconstant light is needed. Thepanel has click stop at 45 degreesintervals. Use 4 standard AA alkalinebatteries can last for 1 hour.Size: 7,5x11cm