LED SOPHIEZ SO-68TD Item 04492


The new Sophiez series LED light is designed in mirror style providing extremely soft lighting for all applications. Any illuminated objects under the Sophiez LED light would look soft and just fantastic without the help of other light modifiers. Sophiez LED has applied a better power output program which enable a 100% output in all colour temperature. The Sophiez LED light has studied the best LED ranking which can achieve a harmonius soft light. A dedicate control box is attached at the back of the light with LCD touch screen control. Desirable light can be adjusted easily. They are also designed to have the mutual control system (share your move function) allowing an easy operation for multiple units.. Features: LEDS: 360x0,5W Power: 68W dimmable from 0 to 100 Colour temperature: dimmable 3000/5600.°K Voltage: DC-15V 7A Compatibility: AC adaptor AC 15V DC 7A battery NP-750A/970A battery LI-ION BP-100L Beam angle: 65° Control function: touch screen mutual control CRI: 95 Lux: 5600°K 1660 at 1m 3000°K 1190 at 1m Lumen: 5600°K 154 at 1m 3000°K 110 at 1m Mounting method: “U” bracket Dimensions: 68x67x6cm In the box: -AC adaptor 15V 7A -”U” bracket -Control box with display touch screen -Sony/F-mount LI-ION battery -Adapter for LI-ION battery -Carry bag. - Optional accessories: -LI-ION BP-100L battery -Battery charger FD-BT-16V -NP750A/970A battery -Battery charger SP-CHG