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APUTURE V-RIG MR-V1 item 04146

V-RIG MR-V1 is a bracket giving youbalance, stability and comfort when youneed it most. Compatible with DSLRs andcamcorders, it is versatile and convenient,easy to assemble.


V-Control UFC-1 can work in both modesincluding still and video. Still mode is fortaking photographs, Video mode is for recordingvideos. Total exposure & live-viewcontrol by seven versatile buttons andcenter control wheel. And more, save & limitthe focus area and control the shutter.Features:World?s 1st mode-switching USB focusdevice - Total exposure control (shutter,aperture, ISO, EC) - Total live-view control- Compatible with many accessories- LCD display for adjustment settings -Multiple focus options in still mode - TwoUSB ports for ergonomic flexibility - Simpleoperation & easy portability.APUTURE V-RIG MR-V2art. 04148V-MATTE BOXart. 04150V-Rig MR-V2 è una staffa progettata peruna maggiore stabilità e precisione nelleriprese video con fotocamere reflex.E? la staffa utilizzata nel kit MR-V2 SET.V-Rig MR-V2 is designed for steady, preciseshooting with DSLRs it is a bracketutilized for MR-V2 SET.

APUTURE V-RIG MR-V2 SET item 04147

V-RIG MR-V2 SET fits most DSLRs and camcorders, made of steady and strong material,precise focus control and more, which contributes a steady and great job.Comprehensive with V-WHEEL and V-MATTE BOX.

APUTURE V-WHEEL item 04149

Precise focus, fits lenses from 52 to86mm. Easy to mount. Gear drive front/back mountable to fit various brands.

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