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A wide range of PHOTOGRAPHIC STANDS for every need, both spring and pneumatic, suitable for both young blogger and professional photographer, with excellent load capacities to support flashes and even very heavy LED lamps.

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C STAND 147-325cm Item. 09002

White chromed steel. Tubes diameter mm. 32-25-19. Folding legs. Detachable base. Max height 325cm - Weight: Kg. 10,00 - With crossbar 127cm


Wind-Up Stand 165-380cm Round high strenght tubes ald alu terminal tube. Tubes diameter mm. 55/45/38. White chrome anticorrosion coating. Self-sustaining worm gear (no need of load locking). Levelling leg. Top loop for wind-bracing. Retractable operating handle. Terminal socket mm.29 and spigot mm.16 Max load: Kg. 40,00 Weight: Kg. 17,50

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